Artist: Christy ZehrHi, my name is Christy Zehr! I am an artist and photographer, currently based in San Francisco. My love of photography began when I was a teenager with a 35mm camera and some black and white film. Since then, I explored many mediums of film including slide film and Polaroid transfers, medium format film in toy cameras, underwater and digital photography. In 2007, I earned a BA of Photography from the University of Hawaii. I've been lucky enough to show my work in group shows in San Francisco and Hawaii.  In recent years, I've been exploring my love of color and abstract art with acrylic and resin pouring and alcohol ink. I've been making art for over 20 years and finally I'm branching out and selling it online! 



As a new business, I am grateful to work with Print on Demand companies like, Printful, Printify and Sticker App. They handle the printing and shipping, while I focus on making new designs for you to choose from! Because products are only made when you order, I can offer a much broader variety of products and designs.

Printify/MWW On Demand

With over 1 Million square feet of manufacturing and distribution space, MWW Inc. is one of the largest and most advanced facilities of its kind, offering high quality Made in the USA products. A family-owned business built on quality American-made products and outstanding customer service; we continue to thrive in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina.

MWW ON DEMAND, a division of MWW Inc., is proudly known as the leader of the textile and custom printing industry. In alignment with its history of identifying new opportunities to create quality products, MWW ON DEMAND has led the development of current technologies, placing a high priority on technology investment and innovation.


Printful is an on-demand order fulfillment and warehousing service that fulfills and ships products including clothing, accessories, and home & living items for online businesses. They are an 800-person team spread out across five locations: North Carolina (2), California, Mexico and Latvia.


StickerApp was born when a printing company met a Swedish web designer in 2011. As part of PRNT Printing Solutions, we have more than 9 years in the business of printing custom stickers. All of our materials, machines, and staff are perfectly matched to give you an amazing experience and a product you love.